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College and University EM Program Accreditation

CAEME has established criteria for accrediting bachelor's degree programs.  See the CAEME Guide to Accreditation (01 June 2019) document.  CAEME members are afforded access to the CAEME Emergency Management Education Self-Study Guidelines (01 July 2018).

A college/university normally makes inquiry into program accreditation by contacting CAEME (info@caeme.education), then becomes a supporting member and/or makes application for accreditation (which includes membership).  The program then initiates a self-study while coordinating the campus visit (on-site assessment). Initial accreditation is for five years, with re-accreditation possible for ten years.

CAEME (primarily as its predecessor organization, FFHEA (Foundation for Higher Education Accreditation) has accredited EM programs within these institutions.

Arkansas State University (5 yr) AY17-18 through AY21-22

Arkansas Tech University (10 yr) AY19-20 through AY28-29