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Categories of Membership

Academic Program Membership: An academic institution interested in supporting the mission of the CAEMHSE.

Accredited Program Membership: An Emergency Management, homeland security or related program at an academic institution offering associate, bachelor's, master's, and/or doctoral academic credit or credentials, supporting the mission of the CAEMHSE.

Individual Membership: An individual member is defined as any person, from any field, with an interest in emergency management, homeland security or related discipline credentialing and who agrees to support the mission of the CAEMHSE.

Government and Corporate Membership: Government or corporate members shall be companies, corporations, consulting firms, contractors, emergency management departments or offices in government, and other entities which are major sources of employment of emergency management graduates, and which support the mission of the CAEMHSE.

Membership Details and Fees


Membership Year is 01 August - 31 July.

CAEMHSE Membership:   

$25 Individual

$100 Annually (Non-Accredited Institution, Government and Corporate)

Accredited Program Membership:   

$500 Annually ($100 for each additional academic program)